Broken Foot Takes Kelly Slater Out Of Corona Open JBay

Kelly Slater helped off beach | Image Source:

Kelly Slater’s run for the 2017 World Championship has come to a halt since an unfortunate accident Monday morning off Jeffrey’s Bay in South Africa.

Having gotten a free pass into Round 3 of the Corona Open JBay, Slater was spending his Round 2 downtime free-surfing a spot called the Boneyards. The whitewash from a closeout barrel forced his board against his foot, breaking two metatarsals. Slater had to drag himself to the beach, where he was helped off site and taken to the hospital.

X-rays revealed the gruesome-looking extent of Slater’s injury, which he posted on Instagram. Despite the physical pain he described, the 11-time world champ was philosophical, reflecting that a broken foot was “pretty minor in the scheme of things.”

You ever folded your entire foot backwards? If you try it sometime, this is what it might look like. I pulled into a barrel this morning and the whitewash bounced the board back into my foot as I hit the closeout, taking all the pressure into the metatarsals. Kinda like smashing my foot with a big hammer as hard as I can. Sorta feels like I’m giving birth out of my foot right now! I’m guessing surgery and 6 week holiday is in order. Not looking forward to 30 hour flight home before surgery though. Ouch! It sucks but so many people deal with such horrible things around this world everyday that a broken foot is pretty minor in the scheme of things. Sometimes a bad thing is a good thing. I’ll make the best of my time off. #ThatsGonnaLeaveAMark #INeedElephantTranquilizers

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The incident could have been a major damper on Kelly’s spirits, as it interrupted his title campaign and took him out of two of his favorite events, the Corona Open and next month’s Billabong Pro. After the natural letdown, however, he remained positive. With surgery and six weeks’ recovery on the horizon, he vowed to make the best of his time off.

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