Bethany Hamilton Puts On World Class Performance In 2016 Fiji Women’s Pro

Cloudbreak: It has been a phenomenal week for Hawiian Pro Surfer Bethany Hamilton at the Fiji Women’s Pro. Hamilton took down World No. 1 Tyler Wright in Round 2 and continued her victory over Stephanie Gilmore in round 3. She has kept her consistent performance to reach the semi-finals where she finished in 3rd place after getting eliminated by Johanne Defay, who later on won the event.

Bethany Hamilton continues to inspire the Surfing world by putting on huge performances in the world stage and competing against the world’s best with only a single arm. Hamilton has been a victim of a shark attack back in 2003 where she has severed her left arm.

Watch footage of Hamilton’s 2016 Fiji Pro Round 2 Performance Below: