As Predicted: Slater’s Wave Now Has Lefties

A few months ago, there have been rumors about Kelly Slater’s wavepool being rebuilt to add left-hand waves for the goofyfooters. While there were mixed opinions about it being a reality or just hype, Slater and his team, in partnership with the WSL has been working on major changes.

And as predicted, Kelly’s Wave Co. announced that the surf ranch now has left-hand waves. The new Kelly’s Wave lefties have debuted in the most fashionable way as Kelly invited the iconic goofy foot surfer in the name of Gerry Lopez to give it a test run.

The first Pipemaster had a blast at the surf ranch in Lemoore and pure stoke was written all over his face in the video footage.

“Kelly has created the quintessential perfect wave,” says Gerry in the video, “To be able to get that over and over again is really going to push the envelope of surfing like it’s never been pushed before,” he remarked.

He then posted on Instagram, “I saw a glimpse of the future last week and after getting to sample it, I’d have to say…the future looks bright ahead! And it felt right to go left.”

Kelly decided to have Gerry Lopez test out the left-hand, man-made waves for a good reason.

“As a tip of the hat from myself and our team, I really wanted Gerry to ride the first left and just say thanks for your commitment and what you’ve given to surfing over the years,” explained Kelly.

Now Kelly’s surf ranch is back in the wavepool battle for supremacy. The Kelly Slater Wave Co. has been quietly working in the background while Occy’s Peak, The Wavegarden Cove and American Wave machines have made noise about wonderful developments in the wavepool revolution. Kelly’s group has fired up a new weapon against the competition. The interesting question now is, how will the rest of the wavepool builders respond?

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