55 Year Old Male Surfer Dies At Gnaraloo Station, WA

Image Source: gnaraloo.com

Image Source: gnaraloo.com

Gnaraloo, Western Australia: A 55 Year Old Surfer died yesterday May 29, 2016. The man was surfing the Tombstones break at Gnaraloo Station, where investigators believe he has made contact with the coral reef. Witnesses on the scene saw significant bruises on his face.

Paramedics were called around 8:50am Sunday Morning. Police were notified shortly thereafter. The victim was taken to Carnarvon Hospital, where he was confirmed dead. An investigation on the victim’s cause of death is underway and an official report will be released to the Western Australia Coroner.

Gnaraloo Station is a remote location 150 km north of Carnarvon. The surf camp has very poor cellular phone service coverage. The uneven track to the location takes over an hour of bumpy drive.

Surf Season has started in the area and waves that day were up to eight feet high, which covers chunks of corals, which are usually visible during low tide. This makes it extremely dangerous to surf in.

The Gnaraloo Station Tourism Website strongly warns visiting surfers to exercise extreme caution.

The warning on their site goes: “Out here, it’s important that you know your limits. The waves and reef are rough on those who don’t respect it. We have had minor scrapes, to broken bones and even deaths here. The closest medical assistance is in Carnarvon, so be aware while you’re out there.”