15-20 Surfboards Robbed From Beastie Boy Mike D

Image Source: Catchsurf

Image Source: Catchsurf

Mike D of Beastie Boys has reportedly been robbed of 15-20 surfboards from his Malibu Home. He has filed a statement with police claiming that about 15 to 20 boards were stolen from the outdoor storage shed of his home over the weekend. Some of the boards were worth over $1,000.00. The ballpark figure of the total cost of boards stolen may make the crime fall under the category of Grand Theft.

The Beastie Boy Rapper’s Instagram post says
“If you see any of these or any of the various board that have my [bleeping] name on the stringer, A: grab the board B: use a cable to bound that persons hands together C: contact me and we will handle the rest. Serious.”

His Instagram post wrote: “Please keep a lookout around LA/Malibu area (or anywhere up and down the coast by now) and send me or anyone tagged here a DM if you have any info on these boards. Someone broke into my friend’s house near Point Dume and stole around 20 boards probably knowing he was out of town. One time my boards got stolen in LA and @surfline was cool enough to feature it on the homepage and they were spotted within 12 hours. Nobody got arrested or in trouble, just wanted the boards back. #IHateThieves but I like these boards. In fact, I’d be happy to buy a couple back off whoever did it on the side. They’re pretty cool.”