Will Goofy-Footers Dominate The World Tour This Year?

In the recent Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast, goofy-footers made significant progress by dominating the entire event. Out of the eight quarterfinalists, five were goofy-footers. In the semifinals, three out of four were riding with their right foot forward. And in the finals, both O’Dawg and Wilko were goofy-foot. Does this mean the goofy-foot surfers are poised to dominate the Championship Tour?

Owen Wright, a goofy-footer, won the Quiksilver Pro 2017 | Photo Credit WSL

If we look into the World Tour history, many of the champions were regular-footers. But in 2014, Gabriel Medina of Brazil broke a 10-year drought to become the first goofy-foot surfer to win a world title since C. J. Hobgood who won it 13 years earlier.

Gabriel Medina 2014 World Champion, a goofy-footer | Photo Credit: WSL

Regular-foot Kelly Slater, Andy Irons, Mick Fanning and Joel Parkinson have held control for 12 years since Hobgood’s win in 2001. And Medina’s 2014 victory could spark all goofy-foot CT surfers ablaze into winning more world titles.

But that spark did not last. Shortly thereafter, Adriano de Souza and John John Florence, both surfing with their left foot forward took back the world titles. It was only at the 2017 Quiksilver Pro Goldcoast where goofy-footers regained control of a CT event.

Italo Ferreira is a lethal goofy-foot weapon. Will his injury hinder him from dominating in the CT? | Photo Credit: WSL

Owen Wright who returned with a bang, Matt Wilkinson who’s undergoing a performance rebirth, Gabriel Medina who has a renewed desire for another World Title, Italo Ferreira and Connor O’Leary who’ve established a strong presence in the world tour, all complete what appears to be the strongest breed of goofies to emerge in the modern day of surfing.

Connor O’Leary, one of the few goofy-footers on tour | Photo Credit: WSL

With only a number of stops on tour that are located in left hand breaks, the goofies have always been in a point of disadvantage. They are also outnumbered with only 10 goofies in the 34 CT surfers, and it appears they may have lost a warrior with Italo Ferreira’s injury. The goofy-foot fans and supporters can only hope that their goofy-foot favorites can replicate the same performance they had in the Gold Coast when they compete in the Margaret River and Bells Bowl events.

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