Sharp Eye Manta Review

What the Sharp Eye Surfboards site says about the Manta:

‘Our small wave performance model from 2014. The Manta was created with the concept of more volume + shorter size = more fun. It has a progressive rocker which allows modern surfing and a full nose outline and a double wing squash tail. This board generates tons of speed and turns tight in the pocket. The Manta should be ordered 2-4 inches shorter than your normal shortboard and ½ to 1 inch wider.’

Image Source: Sharp Eye Surfboards

Image Source: Sharp Eye Surfboards

Image Source: Sharp Eye Surfboards

Image Source: Sharp Eye Surfboards

Paddle Power
Skill Level
25.1 – 39.3 LVolume
1-4ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“The Manta is designed for performance surfing in everyday conditions, with a shorter wider outline for natural speed with a double wing squash tail for extra response. With a fuller nose and still some foam under your back foot the Manta will get up and go in most conditions but still give you the ability to keep it tight in the pocket. Progressive surfing the Sharp Eye Manta is the ultimate groveler for small to medium sized waves where you need a board that can generate it’s own speed but still give you the ability to surf top to bottom and above the lip. Surf it a little smaller than your go-to everyday board.” –

“The Sharp Eye Manta is perfect for progressive surfing in everyday conditions.” –

“Best board in the world for the summer.” – User antonbruquetas on instagram

Size Chart:

Here is a video we found of the Sharp Eye Surfboards Manta:

Here are Instagram pictures we found:



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